All About Nellie

Nellie has been an avid lover of photography for her entire life. She loves to travel and she spends most of her time raising her children with her husband, Paul. They've been married 20 years.

A graduate of Arizona State University, Nellie is a Tempe resident who loves taking photographs all around the beautiful state of Arizona and around the world.

She is the mother of six active and amazing children, so one of her primary passions is photographing children. She also loves snapping families and seniors close to graduation (high school or college).

Teaming up with her husband, they unleash their creativity on unsuspecting families in the form of video vignettes - a fun and memorable way to share more than still imagery. Paul has lots of cool video gear and enjoys using it to make these fun films.

Feel free to contact Nellie to discuss your next photo or video shoot. She is very creative, funny and probably one of the most honest people you may ever meet.